atrivity and Fashion & luxury

Product launches, sales training & channel engagement

These are just some of the areas where Atrivity has a massive impact for the Fashion & Luxury industry. Our gamified platform will help you achieve key results in an effective, measurable, and fun way! Discover how.

1. Content Delivery

In-app feed where you can share all types of content that can be accessed at any time!. +80% of our users read and interact with all the micro-contents.

2. Boost Knowledge

Gamify your content and boost knowledge (And retention!) through engaging game mechanics. +30% Knowledge increase after 5 days.

3. Measure

Measure and analyse key data to see progress, identify gaps and opportunities. This information is key to take decisions and make an impact.

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Common uses for Fashion & Luxury

These are some of the uses our clients can make of our platform to generate impactful and measurable results:

Marketing and Sales

  • Boost convertion
  • Boost ATV and UPT
  • Push specific product sales
  • Consumer engagement
  • Drive sales to specific collections and products

Training, HR, Organization

  • New collection launches
  • Security, safety, IT, loss prevention training
  • Continuous engagement and alignment of monthly priorities

The Best Game Mechanics

This is more than ''a game''. Our technology and features are designed to increase engagement, participation, increase and retain knowledge. here are some of our features:

AI-powered Trivia

Smart question repetition! While you play our algorithm learns and adapt the game to boost learning.

Multiple Game modes

1 vs 1, player vs machine, 5-day competitions, onboarding games and live games makes Atrivity easy to apply in any scenario.

Achievements, rankings, level-up

proven game features that will make everything more exiting an fun.

Powerful Analytics

Atrivity provides deep knowledge analytics that will give you full control and facilitate monitoring of the project, team, client, or employee.

Identify Knowledge gaps

Find out with real data where you should focus actions to reinforce knowledge.

Knowledge process

See the real progress and improvement of your team, test the efficiency of your project.

Engagement rates

Want to find out if the content is good? check how engaged users are.

Valid/wrong answer review and more

It's all in the details, discover the most failed questions to reinforce with the corresponding content.

Active users
Projects completed
Questions answered
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