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Atrivity platform was born 8 years ago, and we’ve been accumulating a lot of real gamification experience during all this time. Running games with tens, hundreds, and dozens of thousands of players, analyzing player behaviors, and enhancing our game engine.


Complete Knowledge Gamification Platform

  • Players can play with their mobile phone (corporate or personal), tablet and PCs. The apps are optimized with the typical adult mobile phone usage: uses of less than 2-3 minutes each time the phone is picked (which happens more than 120 times/day in recent stats)
  • All the platform can be managed by the customer via one or serveral “Game Masters”, or we can support your projects doing ourselves all the required project services
  • Managers can access the analytics directly on the platform
  • Atrivity is hosted on Amazon Web Services, including its database. All Atrivity data is stored within the European Union. We are audited annually by a certified third-party company, including penetration testing, achieving high-security scores.
Complete knowledge gamification platform
Content sharing on Atrivity app


Use existing material or identify topics and content like competitor information, sales techniques, product details, soft skills, or compliance information.

Training material is delivered in-app and can be accessed any time. Create questions using a simple microcontent methodology we provide, or have an Atrivity Certified Game Creator write them for you.

  • Internal micro-content
  • External content: youtube, blogs, etc.
  • Quiz content: questions, images, answers and micro-explanations
  • Communications: Email push, app notifications
mobile mock up

Content consumption mechanics

Watch from behind the scenes or on the app’s leaderboard as the game progresses.
Monitor rich analytics in the web interface while players use their phones and tablets to compete in trivia matches. The in-game leaderboard and game-like features keep the competition going and engagement high.

  • Gamified posts in the feed
  • Gamified posts inside games
  • Games with quiz related to challenges
Challenge between employeesContent consumption mechanics
Content organisation inside the appCollections example on Atrivity app
content organisation

Content organization

All content is visually available in a precise, intuitive, Instagram-style feed. And to make sure it’s easy for every type of learner, it displays all kinds of content, including text, images, embedded YouTube videos, presentations, and even links. You can filter by categories, game libraries, and collections to better organize the content.

  • Feed and liked posts
  • Collections of content
  • Games library
  • Question's categories hierachy
game mechanics

Game mechanics

Well balanced and highly configurable game engine: +25 game mechanics, anti-cheating rules and +50 parameters configurable/game.

Unique engaging game mechanics: player vs player challenges, time scarcity, punish avoidance, risk x2 and x3 points, social rankings, etc.

  • Player vs player challenges
  • Time scarity and speed
  • Punishing lack of participation
  • Automatic smart repetition
  • Hard/social rankings and teams
  • Anti-cheating and balancing rules
  • Avatars & Skinnable App
Player ranking after answer challengesPlayer running a challenge
Data analytics of knowledge levels
hands up

Game mechanics for live events

Special game mechanics for live events, face to face or webinar based.

  • Send content before the event: agenda, pre-reads or boost engagement.
  • During the event: Launch quiz question challenges to the audience, in between key notes changes, to keep the audience attention.
  • Before the event finishes: make all the audience play against each other while showing on the beamer the real time moving ranking, individual, by teams and recent activity, finish the game providing knowledge stats and elaborate on the insights.
  • After the event: you can continue digitally engage the event audience by sending all the materials and let them strengthen their knowledge.
powerful analytics

Powerful analytics

Powerful and detailed analytics with high granularity and unique KPIs like knowledge level and knowledge increase. Our platform tracks Knowledge levels and gaps allowing companies to make better business decisions.

  • Participation and activity
  • Knowledge levels
  • By knowledge taxonomy (categories)
  • By player and team, organizational structure and geography
Data analytics of knowledge levels