About atrivity

We are here to help leaders make an impact

Atrivity is a gamification platform developed by Compettia, one of the top European SaaS software companies in enterprise gamification. Born in Barcelona, Compettia operate all across Europe, US, Latam and APAC.

Compettia's office
Compettia's employees playing
About us

A happy customer starts with a happy employee.

We are a remote-first company with an international team of +12 different nationalities. We are always looking to adapt and find the best way to do our job. From 2020 We have a 4-day week work policy!

Our mission

Measure companies' knowledge by playing games

Atrivity is one of the world’s leading gamification apps, where successful organizations use it to make training and assessments effective, measurable and fun.

All Compettia's employees playing games
company VALUES

What makes us great? Our values

Atrivity's set of values form part of our DNA and are reflected in our work, the way we achieve our goals and how we relate with our clients and co-workers.

Do the right thing

At Atrivity we believe in always doing the right thing, it's a matter of integrity and honesty.

We are driven by truth and transparency!

Do what we say

We keep our word, it is a matter of responsibility and commitment. We achieve the results we promise and even exceed them. We do not promise what we cannot deliver, but this never prevents us from making a commitment.

Go the extra mile

It is a question of effort and commitment. We strive for excellence and to exceed our customers' expectations. If we have to go the extra mile to achieve our goals, we do.

Act as an Entrepeneur

We act with an entrepreneur's mind and a heart's passion. We love challenges and find solutions creatively with limited resources. We adapt to change and constantly learn.

Care about our customers

We put ourselves in our clients' shoes when they have problems and we try to help them as much as possible to solve them. We take care of them so that they have all the necessary tools to achieve success.

Care about our team

We are ONE team and we take care of both the team and its people. We believe in respect, solidarity, empathy, generosity and humility. We want the people who make up the company to have an extraordinary and rewarding journey with us.

Have fun!

We are positive and like a good mood. We enjoy ourselves even if the road is never easy and we celebrate our victories.