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Engage with gamified knowledge

Atrivity is a platform that helps organizations to impact and transform people using gamified knowledge, smart repetition and big data. Engage internal and external audiences like: employees, sales forces, sales channels, HCPs, and customers. While they play, the platform collects a massive amount of data and offers knowledge metrics using powerful analytics.

Mock up of Atrivity with questions, content and analytics.
Our Features

Impact, engage, play and measure all in a single platform

Learn how Leaders everywhere transform their approach to influence an audience and boost its performance

Content sharing

Share all type of content: Micro-content, images, Pdfs, videos, webpages. Filter by categories and game libraries.

Game mechanics

Quiz-based with a set of multiple features like Player vs player, time scarcity, teams, rankings, level ups, points and much more

Atrivity Feed

Gamified post in ''Instagram-like'' feeds, company news, internal and external communications and games

Anytime, Anywhere

Access with the Phone, tablet or pc, when and where you want, answering one-minute challenges that fit into any schedule.

Self Admin and Analytics

Web-based self administration and powerful analytics with unique KPIs like knowledge level and knowledge increase.

Multi-language & more

Simultaneous multi-language (more than 50) enables any live interactions between multiple countries.


Real results

It's Viral and addictive, users play with their phone, tablet or pc, when and where they want, answering one-minute challenges which fits nicely in busy agendas.

High participation
Quiz questions answered in 5 days per player
Knowledge increases in 5 days
Active users
Projects completed
question answered
Active users
Projects completed
Questions answered
Engagement in games
solve your pains

How can Atrivity help me? 

Leverage our Gamified platform in any Scenario! We have solutions for Sales, Marketing, HR, Training and the whole Organization

Increase Sales
Boost advocacy and sales in channels
Impact during a business trigger
Increase conversion, avg.ticket, cross-selling, units per ticket
Boost Sales, Channel's sales
Product launches or new uses
Boost hard-to-sell or Key specific product
HCP Engagement
All type of Events
Product Knowledge refresh at the right time before season peak
National, regional, World Cup type competitions
Kickoffs, QBRs or Cycle Meeting
Reduce your new direct or channel sales reps ramp up time
Continuous training in Call Centers
Key training program

Marketing and Sales

    Marketing & sales leaders can apply Atrivity for several key business needs. We have developed solutions for more than 8 different industries.

    Organization, HR, Training

      Training & human resources leaders can apply Atrivity for several key business needs. We have develop solutions for more than 8 different industries.

      Support a Key business transformation
      Develop your People in multiple better ways
      Enhance your learning programs
      Digital transformation
      Faster and scalable automatic onboarding
      Measure post elearning knowledge retention
      Key Account Management
      Increase participation and knowledge acquisition in training
      Build awareness of existing key content and boost your LMS use
      Better Refresh and retain knowledge
      Customers training
      Agile organizations (also for merging)
      Measure knowledge and gaps  under your own knowledge taxonomy
      Use knowledge gaps data to build and drive learning programs
      Engage people to read and proove understanding of key communications
      Support and complement  your existing e-learning programs
      How it works

      Our Formula of Success

      For the past 8 years, we’ve been accumulating a lot of real gamification experience, running games with 10s, 100s, 1,000s 10,000s players, analyzing player behaviors, and enhancing our game engine.

      Content shared on the Atrivity feed

      1. Content Delivery

      In-app feed where you can share all types of content material and can be accessed any time! Increase participation through multiple features.

      Trivia question on the Atrivity app

      2. Boost Knowledge

      Gamify your content and boost knowledge (and retention!) through engaging game mechanics. +30% Knowledge increase after 5 days.

      Data analytics on a corporate game

      3. Measure

      Measure & analyse global data to see progress, identify gaps and opportunities. This information is key to take decisions and make an impact.

      Challenge between employees
      Ranking players

      The Best Game Mechanics

      This is more than ''a game''. Our technology and features are designed to increase engagement, participation, increase and retain knowledge. here are some of our features:

      AI-powered Trivia Quizzes

      Smart question repetition! While you play our algorithm learns and adapt the game to boost learning.

      Multiple Game modes

      1 vs 1, player vs machine, 5-day competitions, onboarding games and live games makes Atrivity easy to apply in any scenario.

      Achievements, rankings, level-up

      Proven game features that will make everything more exiting and fun like time scarcity, teams, rankings, level ups, points...

      Powerful Analytics

      Atrivity provides deep knowledge analytics that will give you full control and facilitate monitoring of the project, team, client, or employee.

      Identify Knowledge gaps

      Find out with real data where you should focus actions to reinforce knowledge.

      Knowledge process

      See the real progress and improvement of your team, test the efficiency of your project.

      Engagement rates

      Want to find out if the content is good? check how engaged users are.

      Valid/wrong answer review and more

      It's all in the details, discover the most failed questions to reinforce with the corresponding content.

      Data analytics on a corporate game
      Game engagement analytics

      Discover how you can implement Atritivy!

      We are happy to help you! One of our experts will show you how to harness the power of Atrivity for your specific goals! (In just a few minutes)