How to gamify learning with Atrivity

Organizations use Atrivity to make training and assessments effective, measurable, and fun

Atrivity is a platform that empowers employees and channels to learn, develop, and perform better through games.

Create, administer, and play enterprise trivia games focused on your training content. More than 200 million questions have been answered using Atrivity since 2013. It’s proven to increase knowledge retention by +25% in 5 days by playing a few minutes a day.

Atrivity is for companies, organizations, and trainers.

How Atrivity works

Convert your training material or product information into questions

Use existing material or identify topics and content like competitor information, sales techniques, product details, soft skills, or compliance information.

Training material is delivered in-app and can be accessed any time. Create questions using a simple microcontent methodology we provide, or have an Atrivity Certified Game Creator write them for you.

Set up your Atrivity trivia game

In the Atrivity Game Center, personalize notifications and messages, add your branding, upload questions, install training content and assign prizes for winners if you choose. Invite players and schedule the game’s run dates.

Our clients have administered games with as few as two players or as many as tens of thousands of players.

Launch your game

Watch from behind the scenes or in the app’s leaderboard as the game progresses.

Monitor rich analytics in the web interface while players use their phones and tablets to compete head-to-head in trivia matches. The in-game leaderboard keeps competition going and engagement high.

Review & analyze game results

When the game is over (in as little as 30 minutes or as long as a year), login to the Atrivity Game Center to slice your data. See who knows the most, who learns the fastest, which departments are lagging and what topics need revisiting.

Measure and analyze global or granular data to see progress, identify gaps and opportunities, and make decisions. Cross-reference the data with your own sales, P&L, sales performance records or efficiency reports to see the full value.

Ready to get started?

See options for everyone from freelance trainers to multinational corporations.

Ready to get started?

See options for everyone from freelance trainers to multinational corporations.

See how Atrivity helps


Sales Enablement: Boost sales performance with training that sticks

Channel Partner Enablement: Empower your channels with timely and relevant product knowledge


Employee Engagement: Invest in your human assets to create a strong internal culture that impacts results

Employee Onboarding: Strong onboarding programs accelerate success and reduce churn rates


Product Marketing: Ensure alignment between product, marketing, and sales with a powerful tool for stellar communication and assessment of knowledge


Mobile Workforce: Keep distributed teams and remote workers connected and enabled with the material they need to succeed

Corporate Training: Create a learning culture and identify high potential employees with ongoing training on any topic