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Choose an industry and see how Atrivity can work to train your team or group

Banking & Insurance

Drawing from topics and issues covered in real campaigns by our existing banking customers, see how a game for training bankers and insurance brokers can look.


Releasing new drugs, devices, or lines? Want to make your next cycle meeting so fun that the time flies and your reps get more out of it? See how you can do it with a game.

Fashion & Retail

Getting key knowledge from HQ to floor associates is a real challenge, and knowedge is the key to active selling on the sales floor. Improve cross-selling and sales of your most profitable items using a game. See an example of how it works.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Transferring rich information about the story behind products, the season’s color selection, key ingredients and more is critical to improving sales at the sales floor level. Atrivity is your communication tool from HQ to the people who deal with your customers on a daily basis. See how it works.

Food & Beverage

Training your channels about your products enables you to be top of mind when they’re selling to restaurants, suppliers, distributors and more. See how you can ensure they have the right information at the right time about your offerings.


Using real product information from a line of autos, see how Atrivity can be used to train distributed teams or channels about product features, sales techniques, technical specs and more.