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The Hottest Topic at MWC 2018: Digital Transformation and Employee Engagement

On Feb 26th MWC 2018 opens its doors to mobile technology players to showcase next-generation technologies and feature key industry topics.

The Hottest Topic at MWC 2018: Digital Transformation and Employee Engagement

With CES 2018 now behind us, MWC 2018 (Mobile World Congress 2018 Barcelona) is the next most anticipated consumer electronics event. Mobile technology stakeholders and aficionados— manufacturers, thought leaders, and consumers alike— will showcase, engage with, and discuss the most innovative mobile technologies. The hottest topics is digital transformation. Sustainable transformation is made possible with the right employee engagement strategies.

So why is it such a hot topic at this year's conference? On the face of it, digital transformation appears to be about the technology. But in reality any organization looking for sustainable change will put its people first.

Digital change means cultural change

For cultural change to happen leaders look to simple employee engagement strategies for smooth implementation, easy messaging, and timely execution.

HR and frontline managers sit at the forefront of implementing any organizational change. For implementation to be successful, managers dealing with every day operations will need the simplest tools to support the changes.

Mobile apps present the most obvious opportunity to engage employees. As of 2015 Americans touched their phones 8 billion times per day. For each person that amounted to 2,617 times per day in 2016, the same amount of times we touch are faces!

It's no wonder that organizations are capitalizing on the potential visibility.

•HR, 41 % are actively building mobile apps to deliver services.

average time spend per Day with Mobile Internet Among US Mobile Users*, In-App vs. Mobile Web, 2012-2018

There are 2 main keys for tenable digital change for organizations considering or undergoing digital transformation.

1.Think people

oNo matter how deep into automation you go, you always want people involved in critical processes.

oGet internal collaboration with internal and cross-functional teams for input on actual operational issues that interrupt productivity and performance.

oStarting with collective problems, discuss how technology serves business goals.

oAgree on how to rollout upcoming change to ensure cooperation and acceptance.

oPilot digital change with super users and early adopters who have influence, are open to change to serve as references to the rest of the organization.

oCreate processes and teams that integrate various functions across the business and develop incentives to promote and share experiences while getting feedback to make quick and necessary adjustments.

2.Technology as the enabler, and your employees are mobile first

oFifty-six percent of companies we surveyed this year are redesigning their HR programs to leverage digital and mobile tools.

oLeverage the tools with the goal of improving the workplace.

oDigital tools should increase worker productivity, promote employee engagement and collaboration or permit employees to exercise a sense of purpose or belonging.

oMulit-device accessibility gives employees freedom of choice and control while decreasing barriers to use

oThe more complex the process, the more likely desktop is used, while mobile minutes dominate for in-app engagement, email and social media. Age is also a consideration, older access desktop while younger use mobile.

Here is how Atrivity mobile game app is transforming how organizations engage with employees.

•Mobile learning

As the learning bytes are delivered in interesting and engaging formats and made available to learners within their workflow, they work more effectively in helping them learn, recall, and retain.

Atrivity delivers microlearning with microcontent to increase knowledge retention and employee participation rates in corporate training.

•Employee onboarding

A number of Atrivity pharma, banking, and retail clients incorporate gamificatoin in onboarding programs to mitigate the learning curve and measure knowledge acquisition per employee.

New hires get easy access to corporate training microcontent in the form of questions and answers, supporting documents for review, and video to complement text.

One of our clients is a global cosmetics and skin care retailer who onboards every 3 months. To make training stick they use Atrivity to measure knowledge acquisiton paired with offline training.

Their frontline retail store managers and training partners collaborated to support and promote to use of Atrivity for product knowledge training and knowledge retention. The pilot resulted in participation rates of 90% with an average knowledge increase of 26% per employee. With a successful pilot, they are confident they'll reach 100% engagement in each edition to follow.

•Remote training

Mobile learning allows employees to carry training in their pockets. A global client with over 3,000 stores worldwide uses Atrivity to engage employees that are geographically distributed away from HQ.

Frontline managers are highly involved in promoting the digital change, usage and reinforcing the importance of knowledge to impact their sales goals.

•Product knowledge

An early adopter of Atrivity is a global pharma company with over 100k employees. The pharma leader uses the game to increase recall rates following in-depth scientific and product knowledge training.

A surprising outcome for the client was to see the majority of employees accessing for short spurts and in between doctor visits. The mobile app and micro-content offer the convenience of anywhere access and bite-size lessons that entertain sales reps at downtimes. Trainers are pleased with these unexpected moments of engagement and reached their goal of increased participation.

•Compliance training

The ninth largest animal health and pharma company with over 5k employees worldwide historically delivered compliance training with a series of presentation slides. They experienced low participation rates and employees were consistently bored. Atrivity offered the perfect solution to increase engagement and motivated employees to learn while increasing retention levels.

See how Atrivity can work for your corporate training needs to reinforce knowledge, boost performance, and increase engagement.

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Jan 18 2018

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