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Atrivity’s mobile trivia game platform is effective, measurable, and fun. Distribute information, assess knowledge, train groups, and measure results.

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What’s Atrivity?

Improve Engagement

Want your team to listen up without wasting valuable productivity time? Engage them daily with a fun game. They’ll learn and reinforce knowledge at once.

For Everyone

Sales leaders, product marketers, independent trainers, omnichannel directors, L&D heads, compliance pros and others use Atrivity to unify their teams in the classroom or even across continents or languages.

Fun & Effective

It’s fun and easy to create your own game using content you already have. Invite players to download the app, and see the competition fuel real world results.

See Results

Assess knowledge and see its evolution by engaging your team, group, or class in a competitive trivia app. Make insightful decisions that drive performance.