Employee Onboarding

Companies investing in employee engagement with ongoing training see a positive impact on revenue and profits
formal employee onboarding

Companies that invest in extended formal onboarding programs see greater levels of employee retention and shortened time to productivity. Well-timed training with relevant content prepare new hires to reach individual goals and meet company expectations. The more quickly a new hire understands company culture, business operations and how his or her role impacts organizational goals, the more quickly the employee engages and performs.

formal employee onboarding
Atrivity demo game

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See how companies use Atrivity to transfer knowledge and engage sales and marketing teams with key training content. Our game app challenges users and makes learning fun. Click here to try a demo game today.

Get a demo game

See how companies use Atrivity to transfer knowledge and engage sales and marketing teams with key training content. Our game app challenges users and makes learning fun. Click here to try a demo game today.

Atrivity demo game

See the numbers


Roughly half of organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 54% greater new hire productivity


Of companies with the longest onboarding programs, employees gain full proficiency 34% faster than those in the shortest programs – a difference of 4 months


77% of new hires who hit their first performance milestone had formal onboarding training


Of those who did not hit initial performance milestones 49% had no formal onboarding training

Source: Urban Bound

Match training to new hire profiles

Hiring rate
  • Hiring rates are on the rise from 23 – 100% in areas and industries from customer service, retail, utilities, health care, mortgage banking, IT, and manufacturing.
  • The median ages from retail to tech range from 26.5 to 33 years old
Hiring rate

Source: Forbes, UK Business Insider

young diverse workforce

Majority of new hire workforce fall between 23 – 33 years old:

  • 2.5X more likely to adopt new technology earlier than previous generations
  • 50% feel they don’t need to be in a classroom to learn
  • 75% of the global workforce will be made up of millennials by the year 2025
  • Value knowledge over a degree

Source: PwC, Deloitte, Cisco

skilled female manager

Skilled New hires

Onboarding for experienced new hires in senior or middle management roles require links to development and success. Ineffective training has the potential to drive out these employees. Experienced profiles look for challenge and professional development opportunities in their first 12 months.

  • Value efficiency and time. Automate employment forms and other HR information onto your company’s intranet for new hires to access on an “as needed basis.”
  • Seek effective ramp-up to productivity. Frequent performance reviews should be provided throughout their first year.
  • Want to stay on track. Use 30-60-90 day assessment and performance reviews to let experienced new hires know if they are on course
skilled female manager

Source: NBRII

Seasonal employee

Seasonal and temporary hires

Get them up-to-speed quickly with the basics to perform to accelerate fitting in with the team and tenured workers.

  • Autonomy: compressed time, with huge cultural impact
  • Productivity: full orientation and training with on-the-job scenarios
  • Excellence: incentivize compliance and low error rates
  • Performance: establish high, but attainable goals

Gamification for onboarding

Gamified versions of training material increase knowledge retention and employee engagement. For efficient and effective training that appeals to both profiles, incorporate games with relevant content to build knowledge, test skills, and challenge know-how.
  • Test and assess training content retention with the Atrivity game app.
  • Customize questions and answers by learning categories to fit training needs.
  • Automate the process to save time and match your onboarding calendar.
  • New hires take control of their learning process and are motivated by scores, applause, and rewards.

Atrivity turns a mundane learning process into an updated, portable and entertaining activity while establishing a positive brand experience.

Atrivity gamification mobile app
Atrivity gamification mobile app
Atrivity gamification mobile app

Automated, effective, engaging

Play the onboarding game today. Training content is fully customizable.

Get higher performing new hires and seasonal workers with better onboarding

Atrivity motivates new employees

Gamification motivates new hires to absorb onboarding material on their own

  • Supports employer branding
  • Establishes a learning culture
  • Accelerates employee learning
  • Increases knowledge retention
  • Measures training and assesses knowledge
Atrivity game center dashboard

The Atrivity Game Center reports give trainers and managers easy access to:

  • Most failed and most mastered questions
  • Knowledge absorption & retention over time
  • Team performance at individual and aggregate levels
  • Top and bottom performers across organizations and teams
Atrivity game center dashboard
Ready to gamify your training?