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How to use Atrivity for sports and wearable technology

Sales associates are expected to provide reassurance and expert advice to shoppers and sports aficionados alike. To a shopper, choosing the right fitness gear and wearable sports technology can represent reaching personal fitness goals.

Effective product, channel, and sales managers provide product knowledge training and tools to empower sales associates to speak about product features in detail. See how leading sport tech brands use Atrivity to empower their teams.

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Atrivity demo game

Increase knowledge retention 25% in 5 days

Salespeople sell what they know. Specific product knowledge, trends, and competitive comparisons can mean a sale or a lost opportunity. Training with a game is engaging, measurable, and fun for your sales force and channel sellers.

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Increase knowledge retention 25% in 5 days

Salespeople sell what they know. Training with a game is engaging, measurable, and fun for your sales force and channel sellers. Having specific product knowledge, competitive comparison ability and more can mean a sale or a miss.

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Atrivity demo game

Atrivity helps store managers and training leaders build more knowledgeable staff

Efficient delivery of HQ approved training content and guidelines is key for teams to work smarter

Mobile delivery of sales training material directly from corporate to channels and store associates keeps associates engaged everywhere

Engage your team with a motivating, measurable, competitive mobile trivia app

Customise content with product features, detailed specs, and brand guidelines

Sports tech brands use Atrivity to train & onboard employees

Product training

Transform sales associates into experts with detailed product knowledge from basic to high-end lines. With the right information, each associate builds greater customer trust and satisfaction through knowledge.

Sales techniques

Sales associates trained in adapting to less knowledgeable shoppers and advanced electronics buyers will be more effective at closing sales.Mastering buying signals, cross-selling and upselling techniques are the skills they need to increase ATV.

Provide realistic scenarios for them to build the skills they need.

Onboarding New Hires and Seasonal employees

Retail sales staff turnover rates reach upwards of 25%, and seasonal staffing means constant change.

Efficient new hire onboarding programs reduce costs, decrease time to productivity and increase retention. Effective training includes product knowledge, promotional material, company policies and sales techniques.

Channel enablement

Guarantee your brand’s share of voice by empowering channels with the technical product and promotional information. Deliver key content from HQ to distributors or sales associates in large retail chains or branded store to promote drive sales in the right direction.

Distribution through channels mean that brands compete for share of voice. Employees that are more knowledgeable about a specific product build customer trust and sell with more confidence.

Customer service

On and offline customer service alignment is key to the shopper experience. Customer service agents are an extension of your brand.

Training in online communication skills and identifying buying signals to impact sales across business lines is an often missed opportunity.

Safety and loss prevention

Train salesfloor staff to identify shoplifters and shoplifting methods. Ensure they know the appropriate procedures to follow if they witness a colleague stealing. Create a less attractive environment for shoplifters.

Every employee can be trained to prevent shrinkage and reduce company losses.

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Use Atrivity to increase knowledge and increase sales

Customize your Atrivity mobile app content with technical specs, product and brand knowledge.

  • Reinforce suggestive, upselling and cross-selling techniques
  • Engage channels and retail sales associates wherever they are

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