Reach every employee in large network of retail stores

How large department retailers use Atrivity

Retail sales directors, HR managers and training leaders of large retail chains develop and execute training to hundreds of staff. Knowedge is the key to align actions and activate in-store sales.

Reach employees distributed throughout large networks of branch superstores with efficient training content delivery. The Atrivity game app gets bite-size, pre-approved training content to your employees wherever they are.

Explore the many training topics for which leading global retailers use Atrivity.

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Atrivity demo game

Communicate from HQ to distributed employees

Improve customer experience, product knowledge and sales of your entire inventory with a competitive game. Deliver content effectively across languages and locations.

See an example of how it works.

Communicate from HQ to Distributed Employees

Improve customer experience, product knowledge and sales of your entire inventory with a competitive game. Deliver content effectively across languages and locations.

See an example of how it works.

Atrivity demo game

Atrivity helps store managers and training leaders build more knowledgeable staff

Deliver bite-size topics on corporate HQ guidelines, product and customer service to reinforce messaging

Engage employees in friendly competition while reinforcing key information they need to perform

Empower employees to reach in-store targets with Atrivity

Identify knowledge gaps to increase quality across the board

Large department store retailers use Atrivity to train & onboard employees

Onboarding new hires and seasonal employees

Retail has one of the highest turnover rates in any industry. Median turnover rates of 67% for part-time retail employees are common, and seasonal staffing in stores mean constant change.

Include a knowledge-centric trivia app to make new hire onboarding programs cost efficient and decrease time to productivity.

Product & services training

Product knowledge includes core features, value-added benefits, and alternatives for each product. Sales associates who know product range, availability and additional services build greater customer trust and satisfaction.

With comprehensive product knowledge sales forces are better equipped to increase sell-through rates.

Employer branding

Establish a unified corporate culture, build a talented community of employees, and create a sense of belonging. Engage employees with internal development.

Share best practices with new and current employees to raise the bar. Share and promote knowledge retention on company news, plans and use of brand in corporate and public profiles like social media.

Best practices and refresher training

Strive for excellence and remind store staff on best practices in customer service, company policies, safety, security, and loss prevention.

Get the most out of quarterly staff meetings by testing knowledge retention of updates and news with trivia games.


Knowledge assessment for hiring and development

Knowledge assessments save time and help identify knowledge gaps. Confirm what a potential hire or current employee knows before hiring, to develop training or support performance reports for promotions and development.

Test and measure with data-rich backend statistics to make key decisions on talent.

Customer-oriented service

Helpful, polite customer service is a mainstay in large retail stores. Developing a company-specific model that differentiates shopping in your stores will support a branded experience.

Train staff in language to use and test on real-life customer scenarios that represent your brand.

Safety and loss prevention

Train salesfloor staff to identify shoplifters and shoplifting methods. Ensure they know the appropriate procedures to follow if they witness a colleague stealing. Create a less attractive environment for shoplifters and remind staff of shoplifting policies and procedures.

Every employee can be trained to prevent shrinkage and reduce company losses.

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Customize Atrivity your training content of products, services, customer service, and more to support HQ employees and teams in the field.

Leverage competition, assessments, and insights for a winning mixture.

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