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How the pharma industry uses Atrivity

Pharma sales and business unit leaders are reinventing their sales organizations. Market demands are shifting client focus from mass-market to a target-market approach. Sales enablement is paramount. Directors and product managers will keep sales teams updated with the scientific, technical, and product knowledge they need to impact revenues.

Updating skills and knowledge is essential to getting healthcare providers, doctors and their influencers to pay attention and close deals.

See how pharma companies are using Atrivity to increase knowledge and ultimately, sales.

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See how you can use Atrivity in your pharma company with our demo game.

Play a pharma demo game

See how you can use Atrivity in your pharma company with our demo game.

pharma demo game

Atrivity is used by sales leaders, product and marketing managers, and business unit leaders to deliver content anywhere

Send in-depth competitor, industry, products, and added-value services information

Customize training content to feature product differentiators and reinforce knowledge

Engage reps and increase knowledge retention with gamified training

Accelerate sales in the field with mobile delivery of sales enablement content

Atrivity’s pharma clients use games to train about these topics

Sales enablement

Equip pharmaceutical sales reps with market-ready knowledge they need to bring value to customers and influence buying decisions.

  • Increase sales call effectiveness with real-world scenarios
  • Reinforcement training prepares reps for pharma sales certifications
  • Detect gaps, measure, and assess knowledge of reps in the field

Product knowledge

Physicians expect pharma sales reps to be experts and provide knowledge that contribute to patient outcomes.

  • Provide comprehensive product and added-value services knowledge
  • Build sales rep competitiveness with trends, competitors, medical updates
  • Reinforce and assess knowledge retention while reps are in the field

Product launch

When a drug is new, physicians want pharmaceutical reps to give unique and updated information on solutions. Sales reps must be the experts in trends, the drug, and understand patient outcomes.

  • Physicians want to know they will learn about an important medical update
  • Training must include questions to ask to discover what doctors want
  • Provide scenarios in sales training, enabling sales reps

Cycle or POA meetings

Cycle or POA meetings bring sales reps together to align selling techniques, but ROI is unclear. Atrivity supports sales cycle meeting goals to update, reinforce, and upskill teams in the field:

  • Pre-event- Identify knowledge gaps and meeting topics opportunities
  • During- Engage sales reps in challenging and competitive games
  • Post-event- Continue to connect to refresh and reinforce knowledge with spaced learning

Upskill for shifts in the market

New customer profiles and buying decision trends training transform sales reps into valued experts to healthcare providers and physicians.

New messaging, new assets and effective digital tools designed to enhance patient outcomes all play a role. Sales reps who go beyond one specific therapeutic area and use economic arguments build greater trust and impact sales.

Sales acceleration

Windows of opportunity for sales reps to establish share of mind are narrowing. Keep reps up-to-date without reducing time in the field or on the phone to accelerate sales.

  • Support sales rep effectiveness in getting a product in front of a customer quickly
  • Train and challenge sales reps in agile selling techniques
  • Encourage quick assimilation of new information fast with spaced learning
  • Increase knowledge retention with bite-sized training topics

Added-value knowledge

Sales reps can be trained and assessed on comprehensive understanding of competitors, healthcare marketplace, drug safety, formulary information, appropriate samples and co-pay cards.

Added-value knowledge converts a pharma sales rep into an valued expert to stakeholders.

New customer profiles

Doctors, patients, payers and institutional administrators are invested in the outcome of focused care. Effective sales reps build the trust needed to influence decisions. High-impact messages adapted to doctors, nurse practitioners, office managers, and physician’s assistants make reps more effective in moving sales along.

  • Train reps to identify buyer and influencer behaviors at the right buying stage
  • Present scenarios of customer profile – sales rep interactions
  • Use product messaging with profile interests, needs, and patient outcomes

Regulations and compliance

Mitigate risk and liability by ensuring client-facing representatives truly absorb compliance information. Sales and marketing teams need to stay up-to-date to perform with confidence.

  • Use refresher and ongoing training to reduce risks and governance issues
  • Assess retention of compliance knowledge
  • Bite-size topics are micro-learning ready; local and regional laws and regulations
  • Transform what’s dry to a palatable, fun, and effective knowledge transfer format

Ongoing and refresher training

Pharmaceutical product and sales training include in-depth topics like anatomy & physiology, diseases, drugs, drug safety, sales processes, and scenario selling.

  • Extend training with reinforcement tests and knowledge assessments
  • Maintain and increase standards for new and seasoned sales reps
  • Follow-up in-person training with knowledge retention assessments
  • Space learning in doses to support salespeople in the field
  • Increase knowledge retention over time
gamification in training

Talk to an Atrivity Game Expert

Customize Atrivity to activate sales enablement with key data on product knowledge, technical, and scientific data.

  • Reinforce knowledge retention
  • Keep sales reps in the field
  • Reinforce a culture of excellence

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