Groom sales associates to be brand and product experts

How the beauty & cosmetics industry uses Atrivity

For cosmetics brands to stand out, channels and client-facing employees need specialized training in product differentiation and brand values.

With rapid release cycles of new products and a fast-changing competitive landscape, training and reinforcement provides the support to stand out from competing brands and outperform sales targets. Cosmetics consultants, makeup artists, skincare and fragrance specialists who get new product and promotional information from HQ quickly and on a consistent basis will best represent your brand.

Beauty and cosmetics top-level managers are responsible for overseeing their brand’s success at the counter. Deliver cosmetics & beauty training content with Atrivity without taking specialists away from the counter. Explore how below.

specialized cosmetic training
Atrivity demo game

Ensure your brand stands above the rest

Build teams of cosmetics experts and beauty consultants with detailed product knowledge and sales techniques with a fun, measurable, and engaging game.

See an example of how it works.

Ensure your brand stands above the rest

Build teams of cosmetics experts and beauty consultants with detailed product knowledge and sales techniques with a fun, measurable, and engaging game.

See an example of how it works.

Atrivity demo game

Atrivity is used by brand marketers, product, and sales channel managers to drive cosmetics counter and channel sales

Delivering microcontent about the story of products, sales techniques, and promotions promotes knowledge retention

Engage channels and specialists in a constant flow of information without taking reps away from the beauty counter

Mobile delivery of training content gets details to those who touch shoppers every day

Use Atrivity to train & onboard cosmetics specialists

New product releases

Millions of euros are spent on cosmetic industry research. These investments translate into marking trends, release of new formulas, ingredients, techniques, tones and colors—the success of these investments hinge on effective sales.

Whether it’s a core skincare product, revolutionary skin enhancer or a new color, shoppers who enter the door expect expert advice. Sales people who take an active role as the “expert” build trust and increase ATV.

Remembering all the minutiae of new products can be the difference between an above or below average sale. Repetition in training ensures salespeople remember it all.

Product knowledge

Cosmetics shoppers go to stores that stock a good variety. Selection gives shoppers the power to compare and understand benefits with the assistance of well-trained expert. Brands are the draw, but consumers want to know the details.

Shoppers ask for specific ingredients used in products before making a decision. Training in formulas, active ingredients, and product differentiators even in the same brand empowers beauty counter experts to upsell and crossell effectively.

The more knowledgeable the beauty consultant, the greater the impact on final sales and loyalty.

Product demos

Learning how to deliver a product demo supports to tactile experience in-store shoppers seek. The greatest in-store tool for any beauty expert is the product trial experience. Cosmetics shoppers want to feel a difference on their skin or see how their look is enhanced with products risk free.

Train counter personnel to detect buying signals, upsell, cross-sell, and close with an effective product demo.

Sales techniques

Cross-selling, upselling, and top-down selling are lifelong sales techniques that every cosmetics sales person needs to master. These skills create the personalized attention shoppers seek in an offline shopping experience.

To combat showrooming, sales people who give customers special attention with the right product recommendations will see the greatest impact on increasing ATV.

Customer service

Creating a comfortable environment helps beauty shoppers enjoy the experience. Specialists who deliver what the customer wants establish greater trust and higher sales. Train beauty specialists to care about shoppers to convert them into regular clients.

Presenting scenarios on how to react will help your experts deliver the service customers expect.

Counter care

Appearance is everything. Simple lessons in do’s and don’ts on counter care will attract more eyes to your products giving the staff the opportunity to engage shoppers.

Train counter staff on how to keep the counter and merchandise presentable, attractive, and alluring to create the customer experience cosmetics shoppers seek.


Promotions and freebies

Brand and marketing managers create promotions and offer freebies to push sales. Promotions are a great way for sales people to start conversations with deal-seeking shoppers or to make a customer feel special.

Timely communication sent to salesfloor staff ensure they have the information they need to make the most of any event and its resulting sales figures.

Onboarding new hires

High turnover, part-time posts, and seasonal peaks in retail hiring mean new employees are constantly brought onboard. New hires and seasonal employees perform better and more quickly with the right onboarding program. Effective training includes product knowledge, promotional material, company policies, and sales techniques.

Games reinforce training and support knowledge retention to promote greater productivity.


Channel support

Ensure your brand’s share of voice by empowering channels with comprehensive information that makes your products stand out. Get information from HQ to distributors or cosmetics specialists in large department stores or distributors to promote your brand and drive sales in the right direction.

Empower your channels with share of voice by giving them the product details they need to make your brand stand out.

Safety and loss prevention

Train counter and salesfloor staff to identify shoplifters and shoplifting methods. Ensure they know the appropriate procedures to follow if they witness a colleague stealing. Create a less attractive environment for shoplifters and remind staff of shoplifting policies and procedures.

Every employee can be trained to prevent shrinkage.

gamification in training

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Transform the training experience into an activity professionals look forward to.

  • Engage makeup artists and beauty consultants in competition
  • Customize your game with unique active ingredients and promotions
  • Reinforce suggestive, cross and upselling techniques

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