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How the banking industry uses Atrivity

Regulatory compliance, market trends, and in-depth product knowledge are essential for banking professionals to engage customers with confidence. Confidence builds the trust for client retention, increase in sales, and reaching branch goals.

Use Atrivity to reinforce key data, prepare employees for certifications, mitigate compliance risk, and instill best practices in ways to build better relationships with customised or any of these popular training topics.

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Atrivity demo game

Know your regulatory information and product portfolio

Improve customer engagement, product knowledge retention, and industry compliance with a game.

See an example of how it works.

Know your regulatory information and product portfolio

Improve customer engagement, product knowledge retention, and industry compliance with a game.
See an example of how it works.

Atrivity demo game

Atrivity is used by training leaders, sales directors, and marketing product managers

Provide in-depth information on market trends, industry and financial products

Customize training content to reinforce the compliance and details in product knowledge

Engage employees with gamified training to increase optimal daily customer interactions

Mobile delivery of training content gets key information to employees wherever they are

Most popular banking sector training topics delivered with Atrivity


Effective onboarding means faster performance. Train employees in corporate values, branding, product portfolio, risk mitigation, safety and compliance to engage with customers.

Test knowledge in periodic assessment games for the new hire to ramp up performance. Address knowledge gaps quickly to increase autonomy while reducing costly mistakes. Knowledge gives new hires the confidence they need to perform.

Product launch

Product launch training includes product details, competitive comparisons, features, rules and more. Each product has a purpose and can be explained in three sentences or less. If a platform banker can’t explain an account or product simply, it will be too complicated for a client to understand.

Customer scenarios & common issues

Scenarios help employees test reactions in real-life situations. Variety and reinforcement will help them identify opportunities and feel at ease in actual customers interactions.

Take inventory of common problems, train, and test understanding of best solutions.

Regulatory compliance

Compliance officers need to be abreast of regulations, but employees can find it difficult to keep up. Complex regulations can be hard to grasp and recall when needed. Mitigate the risks of breaches of the law with reinforcement training.

Test for knowledge gaps and retrain to reduce errors and build client trust and loyalty while avoiding risk.


Preparing and securing certifications is key for banking employees to bring value and credibility to branches, and build a long-standing career in the industry. Offering prep to staff shows employer support and increases loyalty.

Test knowledge following training sessions to reinforce key information to help employees pass successfully. Use refresher training to retain knowledge.

Ethics and Business etiquette

Customers and investors do business with banks they can trust. Regional sensitivities, cultural differences, rules, regulations and more come into play.

Highlight these key areas in training for associates and managers to establish the relationships needed for long-term client loyalty.

Ongoing and refresher training

New hires and seasoned bank employees need reminders to continue to strive for excellence. The complexity of regulatory compliance calls for ongoing training. Bank employees will reinforce their position as experts when in touch with industry trends and changes in policies.

Deliver complex concepts and information in bite-size pieces to make knowledge absorption easier.

Security and safety

Employees trained with scenarios prepare them for possible emergencies and robbery. Provide training on a regular basis, to ensure that proper reactions are clearly understood.

Test knowledge on identifying the reliability of security system, cash handling, and what to do in case of emergencies. Spot knowledge gaps and weaknesses.


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  • Deliver industry trends, product knowledge, regulations, and customer scenarios
  • Support knowledge retention and reinforce a culture of learning

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