Engage employees. Improve performance. Get results.

Engage employees. Improve performance. Get results.

Engage employees. Improve performance. Get results.

Fun, engaging, powerful

Atrivity is a trivia game for businesses to achieve results in a measurable way.
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Increase in knowledge absorption in 5 days

Million questions answered in Atrivity


Of players use Atrivity every day

What you need to know

What is Atrivity?

Atrivity enables companies and trainers to create quiz games with custom content to increase corporate learning and customer engagement. Games are administered and success is measured in a web dashboard; players engage with a mobile app.

Who uses Atrivity?

People and organizations who want to share knowledge and increase retention while tracking and improving results. Freelance and corporate trainers, marketing and sales managers, HR heads and others use Atrivity to improve sales, onboarding, and more.

How does it work?

Build and manage new games in a web dashboard. Use our guide to turn a brief or knowledgebase into micro questions. Add your questions, invite users to play, and enjoy deep reporting on engagement, knowledge retention, gaps in learning and more. Users download the app to play.

Why use Atrivity?

Games increase learning. Audiences learn faster and become more invested with gamification, and it's measurable. As an organization or trainer, analyze retention, identify knowledge gaps, monitor training results and learn how to better train your staff and engage your audiences with Atrivity.
From freelance trainers to multi-national businesses, our clients have created and played more than 2000 games
They use Atrivity to assess and improve performance in a fun, effective, measurable way

Atrivity for Organizations


Make your event impactful. Invite attendees to compete live and see engagement soar. Gauge knowledge retention and analyze understanding in real time.

Product Launches

Prepare your sales force and distribution channels for your next product launch. Assess the preparedness of your team by tracking learning before you roll out a new product.

Corporate Trainers

Impress your trainees with an efficient and engaging way to transfer knowledge, all while tracking valuable stats to improve future training initiatives.

Freelance Trainers

Offer your customers an innovative training experience that's fun and measurable. Support your work with data driven acquisition reports and take-aways they can continue to use.

Sales Training

Assure your floor team has the right knowledge: it's  critical to increase sales. Share information about new collections, product details, cross-selling, branding, and more.

Channel Training

Offer impactful training to distribution channels, assisting them to favor your product and sell more; involve and engage sales teams and collect valuable stats to improve bottom-line numbers.

Employee onboarding

New hires acquire key knowledge, company policies, culture, and more in an efficient, engaging way, helping them to integrate and be productive faster. Automate your onboarding.

Consumer engagement

Engage customers while promoting brand values, expanding awareness, and generating recommendations to encourage buying behavior. Create influencers and brand ambassadors by engaging better.

How Atrivity Works

Players challenge each other

Users play against each other in challenges. Each challenge includes a set of questions on a specific topic that our learning algorithm picks carefully from your game questions. The inherently social nature of game dynamics encourages a high level of engagement.

Customizable quiz content

Define your own content with common themes


  • New product launches
  • Ongoing education
  • Sales training
  • Company procedures and guidelines
  • Cross-selling techniques
  • Customer success methods
  • Compliance

Rankings and awards

Users compete to move up the ranks, and are motivated by awards you define and promote in the game itself. Players earn points by answering questions correctly and quickly. Users can see both their personal and team ranking, which encourages consistent play.

Web administration

Our turn-key web interface allows total customization

  • Content creation (questions, answers, images)
  • Role definition (players, teams, game managers)
  • Game settings (speed, timers, scoring system)
  • Branding of the quiz interface (colors, background images, logos)
  • Communication with players (through the app, email, more)
  • Awards incentives (prizes, trips, gift cards)
  • And much more

Comprehensive analytics

View valuable granular analytics

  • Usage statistics
  • Knowledge & learning
  • Learning progress
  • Players' engagement
  • Most correct answer
  • Most incorrect answer
  • And much more

Fun, engaging, powerful

Explore more with a customized demo, or try it out by creating a free game or playing a demo game